Welcome back!

COVID-19 safety and sanitation procedures have been outlined by the Oregon Health Authority

All protocols will be strictly followed for safety

What you need to know for your appointment: 

  • If you are showing ANY signs or symptoms of illness, or if you knowingly have been exposed to COVID-19, PLEASE RESCHEDULE.

  • Your temperature will be taken with a no-touch thermometer and recorded prior to the start of your service.

            - If your temperature is above 99.8 degrees,  you will be asked to reschedule.

  • Please wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

    •  This includes a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

      • If your service requires removal of the mask, please replace it as soon as the service is complete.

  • Only one guest will be allowed in the salon at a time even if you are in the same household. 

    • Please arrive at your scheduled time, if you are early you must wait outside.

  • You may bring a form of payment (cash or card) and a set of keys into the salon.

    • Please leave all other personal items outside. 

  • Pricing has changed

    • If you would like to purchase product, please ask for assistance. ​

    • Updated pricing may be found on the service description pages on this website

Finally, thank you for your continued patience and support during this unprecedented situation. If we work together, we can all remain safe and healthy.