Welcome back!

COVID-19 safety and sanitation procedures have been outlined by the Oregon Health Authority

All protocols will be strictly followed for safety

What you need to know for your appointment:
(August 2021 update)

  • If you are showing ANY signs or symptoms of illness, or if you knowingly have been exposed to COVID-19, PLEASE RESCHEDULE.

  • Due to an increase in COVID cases as a result of the Delta variant masks are once again required for admittance into the salon, no exceptions. This is in compliance with Rose Villa's COVID Taskforce recent campus safety update.  

    •  The mask must cover your nose and mouth.

      • If your service requires removal of the mask, please replace it as soon as the service is complete. Salon staff will wear a mask at all times.


Finally, thank you for your continued patience and support during this unprecedented situation. If we work together, we can all remain safe and healthy.